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Bleeding House On The Market

1w<<Location to this house will not be provided  to prevent trespassing and vandalism to unprotected property and privacy>>

This property was built in 1900. In the early 80’s, this unique shaped classic home stood out. It was extremely odd being it was in the middle of a moderately low to middle class neighborhood. It looked like a pink and white mini castle with lions at the foot of the porch and beautifully designed onion domes on the corners of the roof.  This house at one time looked like something out of a fairytale. I was always intrigued with this house and creeped out at the same time. Children played ghostly games daring each other to walk up to the property and peek in the window or knock on the door. 

There were rumors surfacing in the 90’s that the house was haunted and that’s why no one would stay in the home very long. 

The house was always on the market, then rented, then foreclosed…constantly. Soon there were alleged stories by past occupants stating they experienced extreme hauntings like flickering lights, the television switching channels by itself, the radio changing stations, closet doors shaking, and windows opening after being closed.tumblr_inline_numjwaLYRv1tpflb3_540

There have also been reports of shadow people being seen walking through the home, and hearing furniture move around while they are sleeping. One family stated their 8 year old son had terrible night terrors and stated “ghost were playing jokes on him at night, pulling his blankets off and making his toys move to terrify him”tumblr_myqlkekfza1qa3h5eo1_r2_500

 I personally had a friend 20 years ago that lived in the home with a his family and they abandoned the home after renting it for only a few months. Another family soon afterwards moved in and out quickly as well. I inquired about this family and was told that the haunting activities were just too unbearable for the family to stay there and what made them pack and vacate the premises so quickly was that they saw the walls bleeding, I mean literally dripping blood and there were sounds of a demonic moaning that could be heard throughout the entire house. They packed their bags and left the furniture.18v2zsyvcu7e4jpg

I remember one night 20 years ago by then I moved about a half hour away, some friends and I were hanging out and telling ghost stories. I told them about the house and they didn’t believe me, so we drove to it and the house was foreclosed and the door was boarded, yet we saw flickering lights like a disco through the windows. tumblr_nr1eb5DSWs1u9yiolo1_500

  • The house was sold in 2002 at an auction for $100
  • The house sat vacate for almost 10 years until it was sold for $89,500 in 2014 and shortly after sits abandoned, gated, and covered in vines and bushes still today.

I hope and pray that potential buyers ask if the house is haunted or stigmatized. In the state this home is in, buyers are not required to say unless asked. The value of this home is $377,173 and is priced for sale at $86,00 hmmm… hm


<<Location to this house will not be provided  to prevent trespassing and vandalism to unprotected property and privacy>>
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