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Demonic Infestation

Demonic infestation is when demonic entities either try to scare with typical “ghost” tricks or entice with spirit communication and eliciting sympathy. The infestation is usually a result of some kind of invitation, either by the current residents or a previous one, or from a curse or spell cast by a practitioner of black magic. The goal of the infestation is to increase awareness of the spirit, increase interaction with it, and finally start to control the life of the victim, or victims. Once some amount of relationship is formed and additional free rights have been given the infestation turns mean, violent, and controlling.

I myself have had many stories of demonic encounters, which I will post very soon.

There are different levels of demonic influence including temptation, oppression, obsession, possession and infestation. This is a must see documentary. Get your blanket, notebook, and tea ready.


Identifying a demonic infestation:

  • Unexplained foul odors (similar to rotten eggs)
  • Unexplained banging or knocking on the walls or doors.- Bangings will often come in 3’s – as a mocking of the Holy Trinity.  Always search for logical explanations first. It could easily be your neighbors, an electric issue, the cat, the furnace, or the house could be settling.
  • Your pets may seemed frighted. You might even notice them looking in one direction and reacting to it as if something is there.
  • Seeing dark shadowy figures.
  • Objects moving or targeting you or whomever is present in the house.
  • Religious artifacts are being destroyed, crucifixes being turned upside down.
  • Hearing growling or voices that cannot be explained.
  • Sudden night terrors, anger, depression, and aggression in the home.

Causes of demonic infestation:

  • Divination: using an Ouija Board, dowsing rods, ghost hunting, using EVP’s,dabbling into the occult,conjuring, scrying, Curses from other people, an object or the house itself was already infested by demons.
  • Sadness and depression
  • Drug use
  • Familiar spirits

Please be safe and stay blessed. Remember there is a form on this site should you have any questions. I’ll try to answer as fast as I can.



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