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Elemental AIR

Air the universal power. One of the elements that harmonize together. The body is made up of these elements. Meditating on Earth’s elements -earth, air, fire and water -can bring great serenity to a meditation.

Observing the balance in nature, shows us there is an order present everywhere. When we do not observe our world around us we lose our balance. Our energy is connected to everything, when we are mindful of our connection we can achieve balance. ~


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Your body needs refreshment  and nourishment from the oxygenated air generated by grass, trees, plants, and flowers. You can meditate on AIR still or in motion.

People often tend to forget about the importance of spending time outside and underestimate the health benefits of spending time outdoors. AIR is a big necessity.

Here is a list of important health benefits of fresh air:

  • Fresh air is good for digestion.
  • Improves your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • It makes you happier.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Fresh air cleans your lungs.
  • You will have more energy and sharper mind.


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Pull back your curtains and open the windows to refresh your home. Let the wind carry out toxins and spiritual congestion. Pull up your favorite lounge chair, sit back, and take long breaths. Focusing on the sound of the wind blowing through your window, combine all of your negative thoughts and imagine the AIR you are inhaling is carrying it all out, clearing your mind, body, and soul as you exhale.window

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Element AIR Meditation and Driving

You know those beautiful weekends when there’s nothing on television,  and you feel like your walls are closing in on you? yeah those days…ugh 🙂 on days like that I tell my son to shut off the game station and let’s go for a ride. We’d stare out the windows singing along with the radio and talk about everything and nothing. We’d bring up old funny stories and laugh, then day dream, while embracing the air as it flows through and around us. We always come back completely reconnected.

There’s nothing more calming then driving on a gorgeous day going nowhere in particular, just roaring along a scenic country road, with both windows down, and good music playing in the background.  It’s mind clearing and therapeutic. Just losing yourself in the beauty of nature. There is just something magical about it all.


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Element AIR Meditation in the Morning with coffee or tea.

My daily ritual is my morning coffee on my patio. Right after my son leaves for school, if it’s below zero and too windy, I’ll just open my patio door and stand in front of it with a thick long robe and slippers. If it’s misty or sunny, I’d embrace the air and my coffee outside. l love to meditate this way. Who could resist the ambiance of Mother nature. Focusing on the dramatic flow of the swaying trees and the air kisses. I inhale  and exhale slowly as I’m also releasing my negative thoughts. Once I do this, I feel grounded and aligned for the day. The world is so beautiful early in the morning. It’s one of the moments when I feel the closest to the universe.

photo by Sisy Garza_Pinitrest

photo by Sisy Garza_Pinitrest

Element AIR Meditation while walking

Walking meditation is a form of meditation in action. Peaceful walking  brings a number of benefits in addition to the cultivation of mindfulness. It can be a helpful way of building concentration, perhaps in support of sitting practice. When we are tired or sluggish, walking can be invigorating. The sensations of walking can be more compelling than the more subtle sensations of breathing while sitting. Walking can be quite helpful after a meal, upon waking from sleep, or after a long period of sitting meditation. At times of strong emotions or stress, walking meditation may be more relaxing than sitting. An added benefit is that, when done for extended times, walking meditation can build strength and stamina. ~www.

Whether it’s walking in the park, on a sandy white beach, or even around a quiet neighborhood. Taking a walk while taking in the element of air is mindful, invigorating, calming, mind clearing, and therapeutic. When I’m walking, I’m thinking, I’m finding solutions, I’m calming down from an argument or bad news, I’m unwinding from a tough day, I’m letting it all go and coming back anew.


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Below is an awesome video I found on youtube, it’s a great way to learn how to breath in and out effectively for relaxation and spiritual cleansing.


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