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Ex’s Curse


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A few years ago, I met a young man named Tyler.  He was handsome, soft spoken, and a true gentlemen. We dated for a while and always had a wonderful time. Good conversation, evening walks in the park, and talking on the phone every night for hours.

One evening we were sitting on a bench in the park talking about our ex’s. Tyler began to tell me this crazy story about his ex-girlfriend Carla. He said Carla suffered from mental issues and had a love for the occult.  They were together for 2 years but in the end, she fell off her meds and fell into a deep depression. Tyler said Carla started cutting, hallucinating, and practicing dark magic.

Carla started physically attacking Tyler, she even stabbed him in the hand with a kitchen knife during a heated argument. She kept accusing him of cheating or trying to abandon her. Tyler eventually moved out of the apartment they were living in together. Once Tyler left he said Carla stalked and harassed him for weeks.

One day Carla called Tyler’s job and she told him that she was going to kill herself. This was a frequent thing, so Tyler did the usual and said “You need some serious help” “You need to be committed” “Stop calling my job”  and he hung up on her. After a few days of not being harassed by Carla which was odd, Tyler got worried and thought something might have happened.

Tyler drove over to their old apartment that Carla still resided in. There were eviction notices stapled everywhere. He knocked on the door aggressively, but Carla didn’t answer and he knew she was inside, so he called the police. The police busted Carla’s door open. He said the house smelled of death, there were strange writings and pentagrams all over the walls, the house was completely trashed, there were melted candles all over the floor, and Carla’s body was found in the bathtub. She had slit her wrist. The police showed Tyler a note that read “Tyler, This is the only way we can be together forever” and he had no clue what that meant.

After hearing all this, I thought to myself “Tyler might not be ready for a new relationship” but I really liked him and I wanted to let fate take its own course. A few days later, Tyler invited me for the 1st time to his apartment for dinner.  It was a small, shabby place on top of an electronic store in the city. We had such a magical night. We didn’t want it to end, so he asked me to stay over. Tyler fell asleep 1st and I just pretty much lied there with my eyes open. I tend to have a hard time falling right to sleep. After about 30 minutes I heard something in the living room. I shook Tyler and said “Wake up, I think someone is in your apartment! Tyler shrugged and continued to sleep. The room was only lit by the street lights gleaming through the blinds that gave some view to his hallway. I got out of the bed to see if someone was there. Before I could go any further than the end of the bed, I started to hear heavy walking. It came closer and closer until  I saw a shadow of a big dog approaching.  Tyler didn’t have any pets.

My hair stood up on my arms and I covered my mouth to catch myself from screaming. I backed up and jumped into the bed. I shook Tyler over and over to wake up but he was unresponsive as if he was dead. I heard the walking coming closer and faster. It then started growling like a demonic dog or something. I kept whispering “Tyler please! “Please wake up” but Tyler would not respond to me. It was almost in the bedroom, so I covered myself up to my neck, I was too frozen to pull them any further. I closed my eyes and acted as if I was asleep and unaware. I was petrified. I then heard this thing approaching the bedroom entrance and the growls got louder and angrier. Tyler was still asleep. This thing slowly crawled up on the bed and started walking on top of me. I could feel all 4 legs walking up my body.


(Photo from Google Images. Not owned by paranormaville)

I felt its hot breath. It was growling  and standing directly over me face to face. ” I was saying “The Lord’s Prayer” in my head and I asked God to protect me and make this thing go away. I was raised to believe that God could hear your thoughts. So if you can’t pray out loud, you can pray in your head. So that’s what I did. This thing started to slowly walk backwards off of me and it walked out of the room.

Once I sensed it was gone, I started screaming hysterically and crying. Tyler woke up and turn on the lights. He kept asking”what happened? “what’s wrong? he looked so scared. I just kept saying ” I have to get the hell out of here! and Tyler kept asking “why? what happened? but I just couldn’t explain it. I was too shaken and upset to speak. I just wanted to go. I put my clothes on and ran outside with my shoes in my hands.

Tyler ran out behind me in his boxers and said ” I can’t let you walk the city at 2 a.m, it isn’t safe, please come back inside until the morning” I told him I wasn’t going back in that apartment” and he just kept saying “Will you please talk to me, I am so confused right now, I really really like you, please don’t leave”.  I gave him the tightest hung ever and I said yo him “I really like you too, You’re amazing but isn’t going to work out. ” Tyler asked “What can I do? and i simply replied find a priest” and looked perplexed and said “why? and I simply replied “I think you know” and he had this sudden look like a deer in headlights. I pat his shoulder and I said to him “I’ll be fine” I walked away.

After doing some research, I came to a conclusion that Carla cursed Tyler. She did a spell or ritual that would bind her to him after death, so she can have him all to herself by scaring off every woman he meets. This night changed my life forever in so many ways. I never saw Tyler again and I wonder if he ever got help or if he was ever able to have a relationship.

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