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Ghost Story Hysteria

When the “Charlie Charlie Challenge” trend surfaced social media, I had to laugh to myself as it took me back to a terrifying story from my childhood that still creeps me out to this day about a boy named “Mikey”

I attended public school and we had our “Bloody Mary” dares and so forth that was scary as well, but this story took place at a Catholic School, which made it even more creepy. You don’t normally hear of ghost stories occurring at a Holy place.


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When I was a kid, I had two best friends Karina and Jolen (I’ve changed the names for privacy) who were 7th grade students at that Catholic School (For privacy reasons, I will not disclose the location). They’d been suspended from school for telling a story that caused an outrageous panic. My friends never confessed that they were telling lies, they continuously claimed the encounters to be true.

Here is the story, be prepared to be creeped out. It is written as it was told to me and from what I’ve witnessed myself. So, here it goes:

Mikey was a 7 year old boy, with big curly hair and bottle cap glasses, who rode his small bicycle to school every morning.

One wet April morning, Mikey was riding his bike to school. The rain became very heavy and his vision was blinded. Mikey attempted to ride his bike across a street directly in front of the school and was hit and killed by a speeding car. The driver jumped out of the vehicle and screamed for help as he laid lifeless in his yellow rain coat, covered in blood in the middle of the puddled street. His glasses, a shoe, and his bicycle due to the impact, landed on the school grounds. Kids and parents gathered at the scene, some witnessed the whole traumatizing incident. Mikey’s funeral took place at the catholic schools church. The parents did not want the bicycle or belongings that was left on the school grounds after the accident. They asked the school to get rid of it. The bike and some items remained in the school yard.

One evening my friends claimed while walking by the school yard heading home that they saw Mikey’s bicycle pedaling in circles with no one on it and then an apparition of Mikey in a yellow rain coat appeared. The children ran screaming “A Ghost!, then went to school the next day and told everyone. The story spreaded like a wildfire. This started a big frenzy. Kids in the yard during recess would surround the bike and say “Mikey, Mikey are you here? Mikey Mikey come out to play” just like the “Charlie Charlie Challenge” and there were claims that the bike would tip over or attempt to peddle and the children would run and scream “Mikey’s back!.

Mikey’s ghost story created a messy panic throughout the school. Kids were terrified to go or walk home. Parents were picking up the children instead of them catching the bus because they were afraid that Mikey would get them. The story grew so big that it surfaced to other schools and neighborhoods, attracting groups of curious people and vandals wanting to see if the “Mikey” ghost story was true.

Beings this was a Catholic School, the Nuns took action immediately, behavior like this was forbidden, they were outraged and claimed these accusations to be untrue and disrespectful to Mikey’s family.

Karina and Jolen who were the 1st to claim they saw Mikey’s ghost in the play yard were suspended for a week and that would of gone for anyone else who even muddled Mikey’s name. Police were also surveillancing the area nightly to catch trespassers trying to catch a glimpse of Mikey’s ghost. After weeks of the “Mikey” Hysteria. It was over.

15 years later, I attended an 8th grade graduation at the Catholic church and as I walked alone through this peaceful rose garden after the ceremony, I felt nothing but serenity. My senses only picked up visitors at peace, just passing through. I then made it out to the play yard and I must admit, I had chills up my spine, my hair stood up, and my spirit radar sensed more than one unhappy spirit. The yard was so congested. I almost couldn’t breath. I’m not saying it was Mikey, but there were spirits. I got into my car pretty quick, prayed for protection and unattachment of any spirits, then took off. The last thing I needed was to taken any of them home.

Do you have any childhood ghost stories that became a trend or caused a panic? We’d love to hear them!

(These stories are owned by Paranormaville, please contact us directly for any use of our copyrighted material.) (21456)

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