Believe in the paranomal!

Reincarnation or Possesion?

A good friend recently asked  if I believed in reincarnation? My answer… No.

I don’t believe we reincarnate into new people after we die. I do believe we carry on in a spiritual world. I’d rather say there are some people that pass on and become earth-bound refusing to cross over and possess the living. Sometimes at birth or just at a time when one’s spiritual guard is down (depression), or during divination (Ouija, pendulum,dowsing rods, scrying, tarot, meditation, Astro Projection, ghost hunting, seance, and exorcising a spirit from a person or home ).ouija

For instance there was a child named James Leininger whose parents believed he was a reincarnation of a dead World war II soldier Fighter pilot  name James Huston.

After turning two years of age, James started to experience vivid nightmares that would make him scream out from his sleep. He started telling his parents stories about  James Huston. James could describe every event about the war.  The parents did research and confirmed all of  the information given by their son.  They found pictures of  James Huston and was taken back by the resemblance.  The parents had the child hypnotized and he told the Doctor stories a 4 year old could never know. The family took the child to see the soldier’s sister who was now 80 years old and James knew who she was immediatley and the sister saw her brother in the child. The spirit eventually left when he turned 8 years old and his memory of James Huston is gone, though he looks like  James Huston and have indentical talents.

I was once employed as a service cashier for a car dealership, there was a woman who’d come in faithfully for an oil change. I always referred to her as “The Dead Lady” why? because this woman was possessed by a spirit of a dead woman from the 1950’s. The woman was powdered pale. She kind of gave off that Joan Crawford flair because of  her eyebrows, powdered face, red lipstick, and demeanor. Her eyes were piercing and she didn’t blink much. She’d ask a question elegantly and gave this hypnotizing look, like “don’t lie to me”ca

She always wore these  50’s style white gloves, and always carried a 50’s style hand purse that she’d opened with class to pull out her credit card to pay her bill.gloves

When she looked at me, she looked in and through me.  I invisioned her in this beautiful garden planting white flowers, in the yard of a mansion. One day, she took off one glove because she was having a hard time getting out her credit card. Our hands touched as I reached to grab the card from her after she handed it out to me. That touch sent shock waves to my spine.  I  saw a racing flash that she was driving a 1950’s style Chevrolet and she was arguing with a man, they were speeding, the car crashed, they were trapped, and  they burned to death. That’s what I saw in my head. It scared me and I quickly pulled back my hand. The woman pulled her glove back on and just looked at me with that powdered, piercing look as if she knew what I saw. After finishing her transaction she said “Have a good day”  with this eerie smile, walks away and suddenly looked back and seriously, she looked rotted. I know creepy, and insane, but true.


I also believe we are temporarily earth-bound before crossing over, I say this because of orbs I’ve captured not long after death, or the location of where the death took place. Some people do not believe in possession, but instead the earth bound spirit attaches to you, causing you depression, sickness, bad luck, and psychotic characteristics (accounts of poltergeist from troublesome spirits can and will drive you insane). If you were bought up in a Holiness church or currently attend one, you’ll hear many say in their prayer “spirit behind my sickness depart! spirit behind my finances depart! spirit wrecking my marriage depart! Jesus deliver me from these spirits! or as you would be familiar with “Demonic Warfare” You’ll still need some type of exorcism but not to exorcise the spirit but to get it to detach and depart from you and your home.


I’ve experienced that too and I can only warn you once… BE CAREFUL! DON’T BELIEVE A PLACE THAT SYMBOLIZES GODLY FIGURES OR A PLACE FOR PRAYER IS ALWAYS SAFE AND SANCTIFIED! It’s intention is not to hurt you, but to help you and that’s just it! These places become spiritual drop off stations.  In my town, there is a 24/7  chapel, open and available to the public anytime of the day to come in pray, light a candle, repent, or just meditate. Not quite but somewhat similar to this one below.prayer-chapel2

The chapel I visited is a glass dome with over 100 lite candles, and huge statues of Mother Mary, Jesus, and Saints. There is also a book that allows you to write your request and the Priest come daily get the book to perform prayers. The street next to the chapel is a very dangerous intersection that has claimed many lives since the 70’s, drunk drivers, drag racers, lost control etc. Then there are train tracks that have claim lives, and you tell me where would fresh souls that are temporarily earth-bound attract too? the lights, the open place of santuary. Then you have people who feel they are possessed or have attached spirits coming in to the chapel and praying for detachment. You’ve got all this energy and action passing through this chapel.  These troublesome spirits need a living, breathing being to torment or attach and I was the lucky one.  It happened to me 3 times before realizing where I was picking up these spirits. My son and I would stop by this chapel and say some prayers, light some candles and meditate for sick family members. As soon as we got home, lights would flicker, objects would fall, I’d hear voices, shadow people walking across the room, I’d have choppy moods, and I can catch many orbs on camera. I would then have to do a sage smudging followed with holy water and prayers to exorcise the spirit from my house. It took time for me to realize it, so be careful. So that’s my view on reincarnation. God Bless!

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