Believe in the paranomal!

Spiritual Downloading


You ever have that draining friend or co-worker who’s always sick? always crying? always needy? and full of excuses? or what about that negative family member who likes to keep the family going with drama, who likes to play the devil’s advocate, and too always needy, oh and the narcissistic one that always need attention, makes poor decisions, and never wants to listen or accept his/her faults? Hey how about that boss of yours? ugh…

We affect others by our energy. They in return, by their energy, affect us. We may not realize either that we are being energy vampires. At times it is only because it was given off to us by some else or we are our own energy vampire draining ourselves.

By the end of it all, your cup is full and tipping over with so many emotions. You feel like you are about to crack and kaboom! With people, the news, social media, work, and everyday life, you just can’t take anymore. You’re accompanied by one or all: headaches, mood swings, lethargy, melancholy, achiness, sadness, anger, and depression. I know 1st hand it is the worst feeling in the world, but you can protect yourself from it and you can definitely synchronize this bad energy from your chapel.

femaleNo matter which type of energy vampire you’re dealing with, you’re allowed to walk away, not to take that call, not to answer that door, or shut off your social media. All these things believe it or not are very easy to do though many of us find it hard . We’re afraid of being thought of as selfish, rude, or insensitive. We don’t want to offend people. But there are plenty of ways to do this. There are some moments when you just can’t get away: Holidays! Meetings! caught off guard! the rude cashier! But it’s all about you here regardless of anyone’s feelings. It’s about you, your health & sanity.

The moment you feel chest pains, headache, and tiredness come on during that phone call, take a deep breath and end it. “oops my sauce is burning on the stove, I need to go”. That friends got you cornered crying and complaining…. take a deep breath…end it… ” oh my gosh, I need to make a quick call home, so sorry” You don’t need to use my words, these are just examples of getting away kindly.

Another thing you want to do is look at yourself. The laws of attraction states we attract what we think and who we are, so in some cases you could have drawn these negative slugs.

The day itself can’t be avoided, it’s in the air! it’s everywhere! and that’s when you need to take time for yourself and download.

How do you download?

It’s Ok to have a “Me Day” and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for doing so.

  • Spend a day in bed and curl up with a book
  • Take a day off and binge on Netflix, or dvd’s from Red Box with snacks.
  • Take a steaming sea salt bath with lighted candles, wine, and soft music.
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Take a long drive with good music
  • Those that always call you with drama whether family of friends, let the call go to voicemail.
  • Avoid the news for a day.
  • Take a break from social media
  • It’s ok to walk away from draining situations. you don’t have to stay on the phone or in presence of it. Excuse yourself. It’s ok, you and your well being comes 1st. Remember that.

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