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The Ouija

ouijaOuija boards can be a fun and exciting way to connect with spirits, but when used improperly you can invite unwelcome guest into your home.

When I was 12, my next door neighbor Shelly was cleaning out her childhood bedroom after graduating high school, preparing to go off to college.  She threw away old barbie dolls, toys, and board games, of one was the Ouija that sat straight on top of her toy piled garbage pale. Two friends, my youngest sister, and I sat on the porch contemplating who will go and get the Ouija. I was the gutzy one, so I said “You guys are chicken, I’ll do it” and I ran to the garbage pale, grab the Ouija,and we all ran inside.

We took the Ouija into my bedroom and immediately started playing with it. So we’re all sitting around this Ouija giggling and asking goofy questions. The board was not responding, it actually seemed silly and it was getting a bit boring. One of the girls says “OK, let’s get serious here, we have to ask a real question and we did, but still nothing. We all took our hands off the board, still sitting around it and talking. Out of no where the planchette flies off the board, shoots straight across the room, hitting a wall and falling to the floor. We all began screaming and freaking out, pointing fingers of who did it, but honestly nobody’s hands were anywhere near the planchette. My mother walked in and said “girls! calm down, game over everyone has to go home, it’s supper time” then she saw the Ouija. My Mother strongly opposes the Ouija for it is evil and causes nothing but problems she says. “where did you get this? and I honestly told her “Shelly threw it in the garbage and I grabbed it” My mother took the Ouija and tossed it back out to the garbage and warned us to never bring that thing back in the house again.

Having to sleep in that room after that incident was terrifying. My sister and I shared the same room with bunk beds and we were both so terrified we slept with our blankets over our heads and walked each other to the bathroom for weeks.

We had a few incidents occur in the bedroom. Closet doors opening on its own, TV shutting on or off,  and the eerie feeling that someone was in the room with us. It continued until we moved out. I believe we released something from the board. We should have closed the portal by saying “Good Bye” to the spirit and not anger the spirit with negative questions. That incident was enough to convince me that playing with the Ouija is a bad idea for kids and people with no knowledge of  how to really use it. I’ve heard many other stories that were less unfortunate and terrifying.  I’m in no way stating what you shouldn’t play with. Just be careful. You are subjecting yourself to Demonic possession, demonic oppression, and hauntings. Spirits lie a lot. You may be trying to reach a loved one or friend and a spirit who wants in may portray to be that person, that’s when you have a serious problem. Again, I am not stating the Ouija would be bad for you, I can’t make that judgement, but please just be careful.  To start, you may continue to read this important information below before using your board:

The Ouija Session – Communicate with the Dead:

Important factors of a successful Ouija Board session include…



You should have 3 to 4 people touching the Planchette at the same time for a successful Ouija Board session. The sole purpose of this method of automatic writing is to combine the energies of multiple people to create the psychic energy needed to invite in spirits. Those who are sensitive and psychic can use the Ouija alone, or with only one or two people, because their energy is heightened. However, for us regular folks (including myself), the combined energy is a must.

Roles are to be assigned to the participants…

  • The Leader ~ He / She asks all the questions and leads the session. You only want one leader because multiple questions or comments can confuse the results
  • The Documenter ~ A person with a pen and paper who isn’t touching the Planchette, but taking down and trying to decode the messages given
  • The Participants ~ The people who make up the rest of the team and are touching the Planchette, providing their energy for the session


It’s important to setup white candles for 3 reasons…

  1. White candles are a symbol of protection and energy, and are thought to help fight against negative energy.
  2. Low light is ideal for the Ouija session because psychics have commented that spirit energy seems to thrive in the dark – candles are a great mix of light and dark.
  3. The flame is a focal point and lure for spiritual energy, that can also be used as a subtle way for the energy to affect physical things, such as… “Spirit, if you’re really here, make the candle flame move to the left”.


The spirits being summoned by the Ouija session is working with the energies of everyone in the group. This means focus is important to a successful session. If one person is not fully in tuned to the board, or calm (and patient), then the message(s) coming through can be slow and confusing.

Focus on the summoned energy that’s moving the Planchette and nothing else. The team should not change their train of thought during communication.

And never, ever, finish the word or sentence verbally before the Planchette is done spelling things out unless you’re 100% sure it’s right. You’ll see the confusion in the Planchette, throw of the energy of the group, and sometimes cause the session to end.


Here is a quick step-by-step guide to starting the Ouija Board session…

  1. Setup a quiet room or location where you will not be disturbed
    The Ouija session should never be interrupted because breaking the connection can cause significant delays and negative energy.
  2. Be comfortable
    Be seated at a table where the Ouija Board is at arm level so you don’t have to lean or bend your arms at awkward angles. Being uncomfortable or in pain can cause problems with communication because the energy is not positive.
  3. If the Planchette remains boringly still ~ try luring a spirit with the following…
    “Spirit, this is a safe place. We only wish to communicate with you, ask you questions and learn from you. Please come through and talk with us for a while.” Make sure everyone in the team is comfortable and calm. If still nothing… try changing the team members around, or remove any people who are uncomfortable or stressed.


However, if the Planchette is moving, then it’s time to learn about the energy in the room.

Some of the things to ask for…

  • The spirit’s name
  • The spirit’s age when he / she died
  • The spirit’s gender
  • What year they died in
  • How they died
  • Do they have a message for someone in the group, or someone connected to the group
  • Or, is there anything they want to say or request from the living

Or anything else you think might be important. A Ouija Board session is like an interview. Pretend to be Larry King or George Stroumboulopoulos, but with dead people. Ask lots of questions and lead the conversation at all times. There will be times when the spirit cuts in with it’s own, unexpected information. This is rare, but amazing!

It’s basically anything that keeps the spirit talking but remember to Focus!

Long sessions (over 15-20 minutes) can be difficult because of our modern society’s lack of attention, so stick to shorter sessions so no one in the team gets bored, unintentionally lowering the energy in the room, or inviting in the negative.


As Big Rule #3 says, always say Goodbye!

Hopefully you’ll never know the feeling of drawing a strong and negative energy into your space. If it does happen, the spirit(s) will not want to leave and the energy around you will become heavy and uncomfortable, causing a constant anxiety in your chest. This makes it difficult to fully close a session, and is also a reason for Big Rule #1 (not in your home).

Good Luck to you!

Blessed Be 😀

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