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What really happened to Jason Russell?

Who is Jason Russell?

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Jason Russell is an American film and theater director, choreographer, and activist who co-founded Invisible Children, Inc (an organization Invisible Children, Inc. founded in 2004 to bring awareness to the activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Central Africa, and its leader, Joseph Kony).

Jason Russell is also the director of Kony 2012, a short documentary film that went viral in the beginning of March 2012. In the first two weeks it gained more than 83 million views on YouTube. Its subject is the Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony, his alleged war crimes, and the movement to bring him to the International Criminal Court.

Who is Joseph Kony?


Joseph Kony proclaims himself the spokesperson of God and a spirit medium, and has been considered by some as a cult of personality, and claims he is visited by a multinational host of 13 spirits, including a Chinese phantom. Ideologically, the group is a syncretic mix of mysticism, Acholi nationalism, Islam, and Christian fundamentalism, and claims to be establishing a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments and local Acholi tradition. ~

Kony has been accused by government entities of ordering the abduction of children to become sex slaves and child soldiers. 66,000 children became soldiers. 2 million people were displaced internally from 1986 to 2009. Kony was indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2005 but has evaded capture. Kony has been subject to an Interpol Red Notice at the request of the ICC since 2006.  ~


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Jason Russell bought a lot of media & attention to Joseph Kony.

On March 15, 2012, at the height of the Kony 2012 video’s viral popularity, San Diego police detained Russell for psychiatric evaluation during a public breakdown that was filmed and released online. Jason Russell was ranting about the Devil, swearing at passing vehicles and people. Eventually he was detained by police for public masturbation and psychiatric evaluation. No drugs or Alcohol was found in his system. How did it come to this?


Russell was subsequently hospitalized for several weeks. A statement by his family said the preliminary diagnosis was “brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress and dehydration,” as a result of the popularity of the campaign. yhyjhjjJason Russell described it as an “out of body experience” in an interview, he said “that’s not who I am”.

Did Joseph Kony put a spell on Jason Russell to drive him insane?


Accusations sparked all over the internet that Joseph Kony’s aunt was a Voodoo priestess, and that Kony has put a curse on Jason Russell.

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What mystery many Americans do not understand about Africa, is the power of the occult… this happens almost everyday in Africa for healing, power, and revenge. Nosing, prying, and bringing attention can get you hurt. Even if it’s for the right cause, a person with the power of magic and no restrictions will use it to stop you.



No one knows what really happened to Jason Russell, but it makes you wonder. 


4 comments on “What really happened to Jason Russell?

  1. Lori
    January 10, 2015

    That sounds like he was put under a spell or demons sent to him. If that Kony man is that evil,then I can bet that it is retaliation.

  2. Logic
    January 20, 2016

    Sounds more like LSD and no water. Doesn’t show up on drug tests.

  3. catalanismo es odio
    April 27, 2016

    Jason Russell is a fraud and a psycho, that is the truth

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